Varying Interpretations of Truth, or Truth as a Social Construct

Source: Ludwig von Mises Institute
by Wanjiru Njoya

“In this age of relativism, where one often hears reference to ‘your truth’ and ‘my truth,’ there are so many varying interpretations of truth that the concept of truth itself seems devoid of meaning. It is fashionable to see the concept of truth as indistinguishable from opinions or preferences. For example, Mari Fitzduff writes that ‘for many of us, far from our beliefs being ‘true,’ they are actually born out of a particular social context, allied to physiological needs such as a differing neural sensitivity to threats and the greater certainty that a group can provide. Thus, beliefs are often what is termed ‘groupish’ rather than necessarily true.’ The task of deciding which group has the ‘true’ version of facts is then left to expert fact-checkers who will pronounce on what is true or false.” (07/02/24)