The Republican Establishment’s Sterile Foreign Policy Perspective

by Ted Galen Carpenter

“Leaving aside [Marc A.]Thiessen’s silly isolationist epithet, he’s likely correct that the foreign policy of a new Trump administration would differ little from the collection of obsolete assumptions and counterproductive policies that have plagued U.S. foreign policy for decades. For real, beneficial change in U.S. foreign policy, a new administration would need to recognize the actual conditions of the world in the 21st century and make necessary policy adjustments. The Biden administration clearly is incapable of doing that. Its policies, both in the Middle East and in Europe, have been disastrous. Entangling the United States in the Russia-Ukraine war and serving as Israel’s enabler for its brutal actions in Gaza are not effective or beneficial strategies for the American people. To actually implement the strategy of ‘Peace through Strength’ that Thiessen and so many other Republicans advocate requires fresh thinking on multiple fronts.” (07/02/24)