France: Le Pen says she will seek to form government even if short of outright majority

Source: Financial Times [UK]

“Far-right leader Marine Le Pen said her Rassemblement National party would seek to form a new French government even if it falls short of an outright majority, in a shift in position ahead of Sunday’s run-off vote. Le Pen said that if the RN did not command a majority on its own, it would look for allies for parliamentary backing. In last weekend’s first round, the RN inflicted a resounding defeat on President Emmanuel Macron’s centrist forces and is projected to come in first again on Sunday. … Jordan Bardella, the party’s chief and candidate for prime minister, had previously said he would not govern without an absolute majority of the parliament’s 577 seats. Le Pen said she believed her party could find allies on the left and right, notably within the conservative Les Republicains party.” (07/02/24)