After debate debacle, Jill Biden’s delusional if she believes she can save her husband

Source: New York Post
by Miranda Devine

“In the aftermath of Joe Biden’s debate debacle, there is one constant: Dr. Jill’s delusional self-belief that she can save the day. Under the thrall of her Rasputin-like adviser Anthony Bernal, the first lady is acting as if she is the candidate — at the expense of her husband and the country. She is the keeper of Biden delusions. ‘Joe, you did such a great job,’ she shrieked after commandeering the microphone at the debate after-party in Atlanta, as her downcast husband stood on stage gaping at her uncomprehendingly. ‘You answered every question!’ she gushed in a gratingly patronizing tone, like a nursery schoolteacher who hates kids. The whole world knew he did a terrible job. Even Joe knew. But that’s the problem with habitual lying. It swallows you in delusion eventually.” (06/30/24)