If not Joe Biden, then who?

Source: The Hill
bu Douglas E Schoen & Carly Cooperman

“[V]oters are desperate for a younger, more inspiring Democratic candidate who can lead us into the future. To be sure, the latest New York Times-Siena poll reports that 61 percent of likely voters and 41 percent of Democrats believe their party should nominate someone other than Biden. But who? In truth, the first, and now most likely, candidate to replace Joe Biden is Vice President Kamala Harris. … While polling on the matchup is limited, surveys that ask voters to decide between Harris and Trump do not paint a rosy picture for the left [sic]. … the major question of a last-minute Harris candidacy is whether or not the campaign could improve her viability enough over the next five months to defeat Trump. If it cannot be done, Democrats must consider another, more viable, option such as California Governor Gavin Newsom.” (07/01/24)