The Eternal Frontier

Source: The Honest Courtesan
by Maggie McNeill

“As societies become more ‘civilized’ and rulebound, the kind of restless risk-takers and rulebreakers who drive all societies forward get tired of being harassed by cops and bureaucrats for refusing to conform and leave for the frontier. Once all the freethinkers go, the society they left behind quickly stagnates and becomes infested with onerous laws & ‘regulations’ (and their attendant busybodies). Eventually a few of the amateur iconoclasts and rebel-cosplayers go after the freethinkers, followed by the profiteers and braver rule-followers, then by gradually-increasing numbers of followers and herd-animals until the surplus cops, hall-monitors and bosses from the motherland (and such societies always have a surfeit of such creatures) arrive and start ‘civilizing’ the frontier, and the cycle starts again. Since we currently have no physical frontiers … the internet became our frontier, and right now the cops and hall-monitors are busily engaged in ‘civilizing’ it.” (07/01/24)