We’re All Living Season 5 of “The Wire”

Source: Racket News
by Matt Taibbi

“When The Wire came out on HBO in 2002, I was blown away by the TV series that reinvented the cops-and-robbers story as a clash of competing criminal bureaucracies. … Every detail not only could happen, it probably did. But when the much-anticipated last season came out in 2007, a show that required no suspension of disbelief was rewritten as an absurd satire in which an improbable fraud infects the police, journalism, politics, and the courts at once. A beyond-fan, I was confused by what I thought was a silly, cynical, and needlessly angry spoof. … This week, though, when the hit the media put on Joe Biden after his debate performance reminded me of a Wire drug assassination, I rewatched the last season and realized Simon … was right all along.” (06/30/24)