No Cheers for Decolonization(R)

Source: Free Association
by Sheldon Richman

“[I]f colonization is bad, how can decolonization also be bad? Very simply. The people who use this term today — I’ll call the current usage Decolonialism® — do not mean only that occupying powers should leave conquered people to manage their own affairs, which began happening after World War II. That was literal decolonization, and it was good if incomplete, although too often the exit was followed by tribal warfare, massacres, expulsions, dictatorship, and grievances in Africa and Asia that endure to this day. In contrast, Decolonialism­® is something else. It insists that all vestiges, whether real or imagined, of colonization — no matter how objectively good they may be — should be purged from everything everywhere precisely because the colonial powers may have imported them.” (06/28/24)