A war draft today can’t work. Let us count the ways

Source: Responsible Statecraft
by Edward Hasbrouck

“Debate about the draft has typically been framed around whether the U.S. ‘needs’ a draft. Debate about women and the draft has been framed around whether women ‘should’ be required to register. But the bigger question we face is three fold: will women sign up voluntarily (if in fact registration is not ‘automatic’), is ‘automatic’ registration based on other databases feasible, and can registration or a draft – for men and/or women — even be enforced. … The perceived availability of a draft enables planning for unlimited wars, without having to worry about whether people will be willing to fight them. But it’s long past time, as I told the NCMNPS, to recognize that — like it or not — draft registration has failed. A draft is not a viable policy option to rely on in military planning, even as a fallback.” (06/29/24)