Election 2024: Did The First Presidential Debate Tell Us Anything We Didn’t Already Know?

Source: Garrison Center
by Thomas L Knapp

“Joe Biden and Donald Trump are both old men. We already knew that. Neither’s brain can be honestly characterized as hitting on all the key cognitive cylinders. We already knew that. They’re both compulsive liars. We already knew that. Did listening to the two geezers argue about their golf handicaps in CNN’s June 27 ‘presidential debate’ tell us anything we didn’t already know about them? Nah. On the particular night in question, Biden came off as more dazed/confused and Trump as more fever-dreamy/hallucinatory but in any given week we can expect each of them to display characteristics of both mental status sets. They’re both decrepit. They’re both deranged. They’re both demented. They’re both dishonest. Neither adds up (or seems to have ever previously added up) to much beyond the sum of those characteristics.” (06/29/24)