FL: “Lab-grown” meat maker hosts Miami tasting party as statewide ban goes into effect

Source: SFGate

“As Florida’s ban on ‘lab-grown’ meat is set to go into effect next week, one manufacturer hosted a last hurrah — at least for now — with a cultivated meat-tasting party in Miami. California-based Upside Foods hosted dozens of guests Thursday evening at a rooftop reception in the city’s Wynwood neighborhood, known for its street art, breweries, nightclubs and trendy restaurants. ‘This is delicious meat,’ Upside Foods CEO and founder Uma Valeti said, ‘and we just fundamentally believe that people should have a choice to choose what they want to put on their plate.’ The U.S. approved the sale of what’s now being called ‘cell-cultivated’ or ‘cell-cultured’ meat for the first time in June 2023, allowing Upside Foods and another California company, Good Meat, to sell cultivated chicken. Earlier this year, Florida and Alabama banned the sale of cultivated meat and seafood, which is grown from animal cells.” (06/30/24)