Why the Housing Boom Will Continue

Source: American Consequences
by Dr. Steve Sjuggerud

“Housing was already a hot market. Then, COVID-19 struck. It poured fuel on the fire. And it has led to one of the craziest housing markets of our lifetimes. Maybe you’ve experienced this firsthand if you went looking for a new home or investment property this year. If not, I’m sure you’ve at least seen the craziness taking place. The pandemic revealed a major imbalance in the American housing market. The simple reality is, we haven’t been building enough homes. Today, I’ll explain the simplest way to see that … and most importantly, what it tells us about how long the current housing boom could last. I’ve covered this housing craziness before. But it’s worth looking at again because this crucial piece is what everyone seems to miss when they look at the housing market today.” (09/13/21)