Biden Bombed, CNN Debate Moderators Set New Benchmark for Cynicism [sic]

Source: In These Times
by Adam Johnson

“After the first 2024 presidential debate wrapped up last night, seemingly all the pundits and commentators could talk about were the rumblings from inside the Democratic Party about President Biden potentially backing out of the race, given what appears to be almost unanimous consensus he failed to combat Donald Trump in any meaningful way. In the hours following the debate, the liberal commentariat and even Democratic strategists finally began to acknowledge Biden’s deep limitations as a candidate, pointing to his weak, meandering responses and a series of gaffes …. while there will no doubt be plenty more ink spilled on the topic of Biden’s incoherence and inability to effectively communicate over the next 48 hours, we must not lose sight of just how shoddy and useless CNN moderators Jake Tapper and Dana Bash were at the most basic tasks of moderating a political debate.” (06/28/24)