Trump and MAGA haven’t been mistreated by the criminal justice system. It has favored them.

Source: The Watch
by Radley Balko

“Donald Trump and allies have complained, over and over again, that the former president and his allies have been targeted, singled out for abuse, and deliberately humiliated by the criminal justice system. They’ve claimed that there are ‘two tiers of justice’ — a strict, unrelenting one for MAGA, and a loose, deferential one for the migrants, rapists, and killers that George Soros-funded prosecutors refuse to punish. Or something like that. … The truth is that Trump has been getting the criminal justice system’s ‘platinum door’ treatment from the start. His cases are unusual in that he’s a former president. But his status and political position have helped him far more than they have hurt him. So here are some MAGA world complaints about how they and Trump have been treated, along with examples of how the criminal legal system operates in the real world.” (06/27/24)