Why We Must Monitor the Sale of Surveillance Tech

Source: The American Prospect
by Jack Poulson

“When I left Stanford to join Google as an AI research scientist, I ‘went across the street,’ as the saying went. I had been a young assistant professor, first at Georgia Tech and then at Stanford, doing research that was partially funded by the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA). At one point, I brought up the ethical issues of researching surveillance technology with the DARPA program manager, but frankly, raising ethical concerns in such a competitive environment felt a bit like labeling myself a troublemaker. I was ready to move away from defense work, get recognized for software development and — yes, make enough money to move out of my small, spider-infested apartment on Alma that shook every time the Caltrain went by. Since then, I’ve learned that digging deeply into public records (combined with a modicum of data science) can lead to greater accountability and transparency.” (09/13/21)