How CIA interference with the “Spies Who Lie” letter made Biden the president

Source: New York Post
by Miranda Devine

“It is chilling to contemplate that, if it had not been for the malign intervention of the CIA in the 2020 election, Donald Trump would have won a second term and the wars raging in Ukraine and Gaza would never have happened. We now see that the CIA staged a domestic disinformation campaign to protect its favored candidate, the decrepit and pliable Joe Biden, from the political consequences of his corruption. Now we are told that former CIA Director Gina Haspel was in on the ‘Dirty 51’ letter in October 2020 that falsely claimed Hunter Biden’s laptop was Russian disinformation. According to a congressional investigation, former CIA director Gina Haspel was made aware of the ‘Spies Who Lie’ letter that claimed The Post’s reporting on Hunter Biden’s laptop was Russian disinformation ahead of the 2020 presidential election.” (06/26/24)