Government Intervention in Drug Pricing: Bad News for Healthcare

Source: Town Hall
by Daniel Savickas

“While the COVID-19 vaccine may be the talk of the town in Washington (and available at no direct cost to any and all Americans who want it) that has not stopped people across the country from feeling the squeeze of the price of prescription medications for other maladies. Surveys routinely show that roughly four out of five Americans find the cost of prescription medicine ‘unreasonable.’ While this might not be the hottest health-related topic in the news right now, it is a big issue in a nation where more than half of adults are currently taking some form of prescribed medication. The Biden administration and Democratic congressional leadership attempted to address this problem with their massive drug pricing package entitled, ‘The Elijah E. Cummings Lower Drug Costs Now Act,’ also known as H.R. 3.” (09/13/21)