The War Against Truth

Source: Quillette
by Aaron Sarin

“Is Washington trying to provoke World War III? Xi Jinping believes so, or at least, he claims to believe so. In recent days, it has emerged that he warned European Commission President Ursula von der Leyen about the US political establishment goading Beijing to attack Taiwan, presumably as part of a grand plan to bring about Chinese collapse. Xi, fortunately, has seen through these schemes, and he is not about to take the bait. … Foreign-policy analyst Jude Blanchette detects the influence of war-wary subordinates within the Party. He thinks such figures are using manipulative means to dissuade Xi from attacking Taiwan: they are appealing to the president’s outsized ego, suggesting that he shouldn’t fall for an American ‘trap.’ Alternatively, Xi himself may be the one using the argument as an excuse. He can claim he’s just too smart to be fooled, and then pretend this is the real reason he isn’t invading.” (06/26/24)