Supreme Court’s censorship ruling lets Biden muzzle us online — and meddle in the election

by James Bovard

“On the eve of the first presidential debate of 2024, the Supreme Court preemptively gave President Biden and his minions an implicit license to meddle in the election — by suppressing news and opinions they dislike. Will the court’s refusal to stop federal censorship be a wooden stake in the credibility of American democracy? The court’s ruling came in the case of Murthy v. Missouri, brought by individuals who were censored on social media thanks to federal threats and machinations behind the scenes of companies like Facebook. … On Wednesday, in a 6-to-3 decision, the Supreme Court gave the benefit of the doubt to Washington’s browbeating, arm-twisting and jawboning of influential social-media companies — regardless of how many Americans are wrongfully muzzled.” (06/26/24)