Bolivia: Police arrest leader of apparent coup attempt

Source: BBC News [UK state media]

“Bolivian police have arrested the leader of an apparent attempted coup, hours after the presidential palace in La Paz was stormed by soldiers. Hundreds of troops and armoured vehicles had taken up position on Murillo Square where key government buildings are located. One armoured vehicle smashed down the main gate of the presidential palace, allowing soldiers to enter. They all later withdrew. The rebel military leader in charge, Gen Juan Jose Zuniga, had said he wanted to ‘restructure democracy’ and that while he respected President Luis Arce for now, there would be a change of government. He was later arrested, seconds after telling reporters the military had intervened at the president’s request. … The public prosecutor’s office has opened a criminal investigation. The head of the Bolivian Navy, Vice-Adm Juan Arnez Salvador, has also be[e]n arrested.” (06/27/24)