Jewish Plot To Oust Pro-Hamas Marxist Gasbag Succeeds

Source: The Federalist
by David Harsanyi

“Jamaal Bowman lost his congressional primary race yesterday by 17 points, and all his allies in D.C. and the media decided to blame the Jews. Now, it’s true that a large contingent of Jews who reside in Westchester County got together and, using their free will, decided to vote against a rape-denying Hamas apologist. But let’s not underplay the fact that Bowman was also a truther, a racist, and a fire-alarm-pulling clown. Bowman, it seems, didn’t even know where his district was located. ‘We are gonna show f—king AIPAC the power of the motherf—ing South Bronx,’ the former middle-school principal yelled to a small crowd at one of the most cringe-worthy political rallies I can ever remember watching. … Bowman’s district isn’t in the South Bronx, by the way. His rally was five miles outside his district.” (06/26/24)