The Anatomy of a Protest

Source: The Pamphleteer
by Davis Hunt

“The Tennessee State Fair is still six weeks away, but last Friday, the field by the James E. Ward Agriculture Center in Lebanon looked like it was already in full swing. More than thirty-five local farmers were behind the wheels of their John Deeres and Kubotas ready to make the 8:30 a.m. trek from the fairgrounds to the Wilson County Courthouse. They were showing up en masse at a Planning Commission meeting that would decide the fate of Tuckers Crossroads, the farming community they call home. ‘I am not a professional protestor by any means,’ Jack Pratt, the 48-year-old owner of two farms in Tuckers Crossing said. … When he got wind that Texas-based company Hillwood (founded by the son of former presidential candidate Ross Perot) proposed building a warehouse distribution campus on a 1,400-acre parcel it owned, he decided that it was time to do something.” (06/25/24)