Schedule F vs. Reality

Source: American Institute for Economic Research
by Thomas A Firey

“Acentral plank of Donald Trump’s 2024 presidential campaign is to ‘totally obliterate the deep state.’ By this he means to take tight control of the operations of the federal bureaucracy, which he blames for obstructing his agenda during his 2017–2021 presidency. He and several allies have plans to bring the administrative state to heel, the centerpiece of which is Schedule F, a class of management-level bureaucrats that he could hire and fire at will. But Schedule F, whether implemented by a second Trump administration or some similarly aligned future president, would not yield the compliant administrative state its advocates envision. That’s not because bureaucrats are a rebellious or ideologically oppositional lot, but because they have strong incentives to follow established laws, administrative rules, and judicial decisions, few of which Trump sought to change while in office.” (06/25/24)