Biden’s Vaccine Mandate, and State Power Over Your Life

Source: Libertarian Institute
by Ryan McMaken

“[T]he vaccine mandates represent merely the latest example of how the ruling class and much of the public supports a utilitarian technocratic state unrestrained by old classical liberal limitations on state power. In the minds of countless Americans, second thoughts about granting governments vast new powers is an old-fashioned and contemptible habit. What matters now is granting kind-hearted government agents the prerogatives to ‘do something.’ The groundwork for all this has been laid for decades in universities, public elementary schools, and in the media. The advent of ‘covid policy,’ with its lockdowns and vaccine mandates, is simply the latest manifestation in the tradition of the PATRIOT Act and the War on Drugs. This thinking been embraced by both Left and Right, as both sides have sought federal action for their pet projects.” (09/13/21)