Here’s What to Really Ask Biden and Trump at the Debate

Source: The Daily Beast
by Ginny Hogan

“The first 2024 presidential debate between President Joe Biden and former President Donald Trump is right around the corner. I expect the standard questions: What would you do to bring peace to the Middle East? How are you going to fight inflation? What’s your plan to save the planet (if you have one)? … etc. But I don’t think those questions will cut it this time around. For one thing, Biden and Trump have already debated each other several times. In fact, they’ve already run an entire campaign against the other. They’re on the record answering many of the standard questions (or just yelling, like during the one Chris Wallace moderated). And they’ve both already been president, so asking hypotheticals seems like a waste of time. No, the regular questions won’t do.” (06/24/24)