Lockdowns Codified a Caste System

Source: Brownstone Institute
by Jeffrey A Tucker

“The use of the term ‘frontline’ as an adjective dates only from 1915. The application was military. In the Great War, as with most wars, the lower your rank in the military, the more likely you are to be assigned to confront the enemy and risk your life. Some people are in the trenches, hoping to avoid poison gas; others are in the wood-panelled billiard rooms enjoying cigars. The conduct of war always has been and always will deploy a caste system. Those who make decisions bear the least risk; they always choose others — their lessers — to bear the highest cost. The ruling class makes the rules, and those rules spare the ruling class above all else. Frontline soldiers are fodder. They take orders or get punished for noncompliance. The war on Covid has been no different.” (09/12/21)