Is China about to invade Taiwan?

Source: spiked
by James Woudhuysen

“Xi Jinping has pledged to bring Taiwan back under Beijing’s control before 2049, in time for the 100th anniversary of both the proclamation of the People’s Republic of China and the retreat of the nationalist forces to Taiwan. The West’s defeat in Afghanistan may have struck Xi as a perfect opportunity to make good on his promise. He could capitalise on the crisis, which has left the US reeling and has damaged the standing of President Joe Biden domestically and internationally. …
Recently, Xi has been harassing Taiwan with incursions into its air space. He could be about to go further and launch a full-on attack.” [editor’s note: To the best of my knowledge there have been no Chinese incursions into Taiwanese airspace. There have been Chinese flights into Taiwan’s self-proclaimed “Air Defense Identification Zone” — which extends onto the Chinese mainland. Big difference – TLK] (09/13/21)