Argentina: Peronists suffer heavy defeat in midterm primaries

Source: Financial Times [UK]

“President Alberto Fernandez’s leftist [sic] Peronist party has suffered a heavy defeat in Argentina’s midterm primaries, a result that pointed to the government’s senate majority being at risk in November’s elections. The centre-right opposition coalition Juntos (Together) recorded the biggest win since it was formed in 2015, taking 41 per cent of the nationwide vote compared with the government’s 30 per cent, with 96 per cent of votes counted. Voting is supposed to be compulsory in Argentina’s primary elections, so the ballot to choose party candidates acts as a nationwide opinion poll for the midterms in two months’ time, when half the lower house of congress and one-third of the senate will be renewed. In Sunday’s voting Juntos won in most key districts including the province of Buenos Aires, a historic Peronist stronghold which is home to one-third of Argentina’s population.” (09/13/21)