Biden’s Every Weapon Left Behind Program Empowers Taliban, Global Terrorism

Source: Town Hall
by Deroy Murdock

“For worse, and worse alone, President Joe Biden will go down in history as the architect of Every Weapon Left Behind. While scrambling wildly out of Afghanistan, Biden bequeathed to America’s enemies the Arsenal of Anti-Democracy. Atop seizing Afghanistan in a veritable coup d’état, the Taliban inherited a staggering array of war supplies. The grimy, dusty terrorist scum who hosted Osama bin Laden have become a formidable regional power. And they have Joe Biden to thank. Biden’s generosity blessed the Taliban with a cornucopia of weapons. This bonanza is jaw-dropping for its assortment and abundance. These armaments were shipped from the U.S. to Afghanistan starting in fall 2001.” [editor’s note: Same thing happened in Vietnam. If you don’t want to lose a bunch of stuff, the best policy is to not start a war and get your ass whipped – TLK] (09/12/21)