Looking back — 20 years and a lifetime

Source: The Price of Liberty
by Nathan Barton

“[T]he real horror of Bloody Tuesday, the real negative impact on people and society is not those who died immediately, later, or even indirectly as a result of the wars (whatever euphemisms we use for them) triggered by the attacks. We all die, sooner or later, after all. It is more tragic when an infant or child dies prematurely rather than after a long life — as it is for those with less than the ‘three-score and ten’ instead of making it to 80 or even 100. I am not demeaning or making light of the deaths of people, especially those not prepared to die. But the real tragedy of Bloody Tuesday, both on the Fifty States and the entire world, is far worse: the loss of liberty in virtually every nation.” (09/11/21)