US judge orders Apple to let developers link to external payment options

Source: Financial Times [UK]

“The US judge presiding over Epic Games’ high-profile antitrust case against Apple declined to give either side a full victory. Kate Adams, Apple’s chief counsel, called the verdict ‘a huge win,’ pointing to the court’s ruling that ‘Apple is not a monopolist under ‘either federal or state antitrust laws.” However, the iPhone maker is being forced to let developers in the US bypass the App Store’s in-app payment tool by including links or directions to “purchasing mechanisms” outside of the platform. Apple has not decided if it will appeal. But if the judgment is upheld it would imply that more than $60bn of App Store transactions per year will soon be open to competition — potentially depriving the iPhone maker of billions in high-margin revenue thanks to the 15-30 per cent charge critics call the ‘Apple Tax.'” (09/10/21)