20 Years of 9/11

Source: In These Times
by staff

“Twenty years after the 9⁄11 attacks, the so-called War on Terror (initiated by George W. Bush and continued by successive administrations since) has turned the whole world into a potential battlefield, forging a path of ruin across many countries, most horrifically Iraq and Afghanistan. While the Biden administration has (rightfully) withdrawn from Afghanistan, the open-ended and nebulous War on Terror continues, from drone strikes in Somalia to bombings in Iraq and Syria. Meanwhile, there is a growing bipartisan push for the U.S. to take a more confrontational posture toward China, one that is already resulting in the increased militarization of the Indo-Pacific region. The staff of In These Times has spent the lead-up to this grim anniversary writing about why the U.S. withdrawal from Afghanistan should be defended, and why America’s perpetual war footing must be abandoned.” (09/11/21)