Biden’s Vaccine Mandate Isn’t About COVID-19

Source: Garrison Center
by Thomas L Knapp

“As of May 2020, Moderna’s COVID-19 vaccine had established its basic safety according to the US Food and Drug Administration’s criteria, but its efficacy was still being tested. FDA — which subsequently gave ‘fast-track’ full approval to an Alzheimer’s drug that has likewise proven its safety but not its efficacy — mandated that you couldn’t receive that vaccine. Hundreds of thousands of Americans died while FDA sat on its hands for six months before issuing its first COVID-19 vaccine ’emergency use authorization.’ FDA wouldn’t let you have the vaccine even if you wanted it. Now Biden’s trying to force you to accept it even if you don’t want it. These mandates aren’t about vaccines, or about COVID-19. They’re about letting the serfs know who’s in charge, and maybe scoring a few partisan culture war points.” (09/10/21)