A modest proposal: Fire the generals

Source: Responsible Statecraft
by Andrew J Bacevich

“Allow me to suggest that senior U.S. military officers cannot absolve themselves of responsibility for the disappointments, disasters, and frustrations that have marked the ensuing two decades of our national life. The point is not to let civilian officials, beginning with the commander-in-chief, but also including the Congress, off the hook. It is rather to suggest that the nation’s mood and outlook might be rosier if the wars of choice that we inaugurated after 9/11 had ended in victory. Our generals were expected to deliver those victories. As the abysmal outcome of the Afghanistan War reminds us, they came up short. Allow me to suggest a corrective action: a purge. Oblige all active duty three- and four-star generals (and admirals) to retire forthwith.” (09/11/21)