The Patriot Party and Trump

Source: CounterPunch
by Hy Thurman

“It’s been strange and somewhat comical to me to hear conservatives, and in particular former President Trump, call for the creation of a new Patriot Party, in an effort to coalesce the tenets of Trumpism — which as far as I can tell is whatever thought pops into Trump’s mind at any given time. The reason that conservatives are embracing a ‘Patriot Party’ label is so bizarre to me. In 1969, I was a co-founder of the Young Patriot Organization …. The Young Patriots were radical revolutionaries who redefined the meaning of the word ‘Patriot’ by identifying themselves as descendants of the early American revolutionaries who fought for freedom. The difference was that the Young Patriots fought for equality for all oppressed people and not for the capitalist system.” (06/04/21)