The Infuriating Habit of Ignoring Natural Immunity

Source: Brownstone Institute
by Scott Morefield

“One of the most insane and frustrating inconsistencies of the CDC’s maddening desire to vaccinate every man, woman, child in America with a vaccine that has a clearly waning efficacy has been the lack of an acknowledgment of natural immunity to SARS-CoV-2. The failure to address this has not only been tone-deaf, but Orwellian in its method and scope. It’s like the experience of at least a third of America with this virus — and the long-lasting, protective immunity conferred — means absolutely nothing to the powers-that-be, who still insist that those with natural immunity vaccinate, wear masks, and live under the same COVID restrictions they seemingly want everyone else to live under from now until the end of time.” (09/10/21)