Even a guilty verdict won’t end Hunter Biden’s entitled arrogance

Source: New York Post
by staff

“It’s a sign of Hunter Biden’s entitled arrogance, fully supported by the first family, that he even insisted on a trial in this beyond open-and-shut case. After all, he wrote in his own book about all the drugs he was taking at the time he signed that federal gun permit form. But he plainly figured he might get off — that at least one juror in Biden-loving Delaware would be intimidated by the power appearance of first lady Jill Biden and the rest of the clan in the courtroom, or taken in by his heartbreaking story. Nor will this be the end of his chutzpah: Once sentenced (and federal sentencing guidelines suggest a good chance he won’t get prison time), he’ll likely appeal — probably by arguing that this law, passed with help from then-Sen. Joe Biden, violates the Second Amendment.” (06/11/24)