Taking a Knee Against China

Source: Town Hall
by Michael Reagan

“China is claiming House Speaker Nancy Pelosi is ‘full of lies and disinformation.’ That’s not necessarily untrue most of the time. But in this case Pelosi is being blasted by Communist China’s loudest mouthpieces because she’s actually done the right thing — almost. To protest China’s long list of serious human rights violations, which is a good thing, Pelosi has urged global leaders and diplomats to boycott the Winter Olympics in Beijing in February. Nice try, Nancy. But somehow, I don’t think China’s rulers will be losing sleep over your idea. Their country is not going to look bad in the eyes of the world or lose the propaganda benefit of hosting the Olympics because Kamala Harris, Secretary of State Antony Blinken and their global counterparts don’t show up in Beijing.” (05/22/21)