Despite climate-change hysterics, weather disasters have decreased

Source: New York Post
by Benny Peiser

“A recent scientific study has confirmed what climate realists have been highlighting for some time: Natural and climate-related disasters have been declining rather than increasing during the 21st century. In a paper published this year in one of the world’s leading journals on environmental hazards, Italian scientists Gianluca Alimonti and Luigi Mariani analyzed the number and temporal trends of natural disasters reported since 1900. Based on the best available data, the two scientists concluded the 21st century has seen ‘a decreasing trend [of natural disasters] to 2022’ which is ‘characterized by a significant decline in number of events.’ The researchers emphasized that their conclusion ‘sits in marked contradiction to earlier analyses by UN bodies which predict an increasing number of natural disasters and impacts in concert with global warming’. ‘Our analyses strongly refute this assertion,’ they wrote.” (06/09/24)