Biden crusade against US energy harms America and our allies

Source: Fox News
byRick Perry

“The Biden administration’s energy policies are negatively impacting American energy independence and the energy security of our allies – especially those in Europe who, given a choice, would choose America but instead are being pushed into a Russian bearhug. The reason? President Joe Biden’s politicization of energy policy and putting an indefinite pause on future liquefied natural gas (LNG) export infrastructure projects. Republicans on the House Oversight Committee recently pushed Energy Secretary Jennifer Granholm over the administration’s decision to halt LNG exports. Representatives pressed on when the pause will end and whether the Department of Energy has yet determined whether LNG exports to allies around the world are in the public interest. To me, the answer is clear. With this ban, the administration is, in effect, gifting one of the world’s most evil dictators, Russian President Vladimir Putin, a significant advantage.” (06/10/24)