Students, Gaza and a New Vision of Safety

Source: In These Times
by Sarah Jaffe

“The sign hanging over the student encampment at Chicago’s DePaul University bore a slogan that has echoed through almost all of the justice movements over the past several years: ​’We Keep Us Safe’. The tents beneath it fragile, just a thin layer of canvas between the students and the rest of the world. A statement of purpose and of solidarity; a reminder of the tents so many Palestinians in Gaza are living in right now as they move, and move again, and move again from homes destroyed by U.S.-made bombs delivered by Israeli planes into supposed safe zones. But is there a safe zone when its safety is declared by the people who have declared war on you? The horrific scenes coming out of Rafah, as bombs incinerated tents and the people inside of them, have brought home this point with brutal clarity.” (06/10/24)