Twilight of Liberty: 9/11’s Legacy

by Patrick G Eddington

“[T]he September 11, 2001 attacks no doubt seem to many as remote now as the imperial Japanese government’s attack on Pearl Harbor almost 80 years ago. The only real reminder has been the bloody, botched U.S. withdrawal from Afghanistan, the so‐​called ‘end’ to America’s longest war. But in fact, some of the key instruments and tools of that war remain in use today, targeting Americans and those with whom Americans communicate or otherwise interact. … None of these changes, programs and intrusions into our lives and business relationships has stopped a single terrorist attack on this country. They have, however, created seemingly unremovable and invasive government surveillance activities and programs that effectively eviscerate the Fourth Amendment — fundamentally altering the very nature of the country itself by empowering the federal government to consider Americans as potential suspects first, citizens and taxpayers a very distant second.” (09/09/21)