The Pilgrim Code of 1636: English Charter, Christian Covenant, and Modern Constitution

Source: Tenth Amendment Center
by Joe Wolverton, II

“Whether it’s the Mayflower Compact or any of the scores of other town charters written in the first couple of decades after that seminal document was signed, each of them shared certain common clauses — covenant clauses. According to Lutz, these covenant-inspired charters, codes, and constitutions counted on the following five ‘foundation elements’: first, God is called on as a witness; second, the need for the agreement is expressed; third, a covenant people is identified or created; fourth, a church is established; and fifth, the covenanting community’s goals are declared. Such deliberations of divine provenance and purpose obviously have no place in 21st-century public schools that claim to be ‘educating’ the descendants of these pious pioneers, and that should be unacceptable to those of us who claim to admire our ancestors and to serve the same Savior.” [editor’s note: Only about 10 million Americans are descdended from the Pilgrims – TLK] (10/09/24)