Tunisia: Saied Plans to Change Political System, Suspend Constitution, Adviser Says

Source: US News & World Report

“Tunisian President Kais Saied plans to suspend the constitution and may amend the political system via a referendum, one of his advisers told Reuters on Thursday in the first clear indication of his plans after moves his critics have called a coup. More than six weeks after Saied seized governing powers, dismissed the prime minister and suspended parliament on July 25, he has still not appointed a new government or made any broader declaration of his long-term intentions. ‘This system cannot continue … changing the system means changing the constitution through a referendum, perhaps …’ said Walid Hajjem, an adviser to Saied. … [Saied] has defended his moves as necessary and said they were in line with the constitution, promised to respect Tunisians’ rights and said he will not become a dictator. However, arrests of parliament members after Saied lifted their immunity and numerous travel bans against prominent people have alarmed some rights advocates.” (09/09/21)