Leonard Peltier, held as political prisoner for nearly 50 years, faces what may be “last chance” parole hearing

Source: NBC News

“Native American activist and federal prisoner Leonard Peltier, who has maintained his innocence in the [killings] of two FBI agents [who had violently invaded a sovereign nation] almost half a century ago, is due for a full parole hearing Monday — his first in 15 years — as his supporters fear he may not get another opportunity to advocate for his release. A lawyer for Peltier, 79, said he has been ‘in good spirits’ as he prepares for the hearing at the Federal Correctional Complex Coleman in Florida. … FBI Director Christopher Wray said in a statement Friday that the agency ‘remains resolute’ in its opposition to Peltier’s release, citing how his appeals have been denied and that he had even escaped from a California prison in 1979 but was captured three days later.” (06/09/24)