Welcoming MAGA to the justice-reform movement

Source: Orange County Register
by Steven Greenhut

“As a general rule in politics and public policy, I’d suggest applying one’s principles as consistently as possible. It’s hard to be taken seriously if, say, you want the feds to prosecute your political opponents on some ill-defined charges – and then complain about the ‘weaponization’ of the justice system when you or your allies are in the dock. Just saying. One of my oft-stated warnings for those, on the Left or Right, who advocate for new laws, more regulation and broader powers for police agencies: First consider how these powers might be wielded in the hands of your enemies. … Now that former President Donald Trump is a convicted felon – and faces other state and federal charges in a variety of prosecutions – the Make America Great Again movement has suddenly discovered the evils of politicized prosecutions, inequities in the justice system and fear of police abuse.” ()6/08/24)