We need a revolt against the uniparty

Source: spiked
by Tim Black

“After ITV’s dismal Rishi Sunak vs Keir Starmer stand-off on Tuesday, it was the BBC’s turn on Friday evening to punish viewers with an election debate. Featuring the leading figures from the seven biggest parties, including the lone disruptor, Nigel Farage, it certainly promised to be a bit more interesting. It began with Tory sword-carrier Penny Mordaunt criticising her own party leader Rishi Sunak, for his decision to leave the international D-Day commemoration event early. But it soon degenerated into a fractious, unedifying and predictable affair. Much of the blame for this lies with the technocrats of Labour and the Tories. With barely a cigarette paper between the two on anything that matters, their higher-ups seem to have mistaken angry, pointy slanging matches for actual political disagreement.” (06/08/24)