Lily Loves Me

Source: Common Sense
by Paul Jacob

“Lily loves me. That’s the good news. I love her, too. Funny thing, though, I don’t even know Lily’s last name. You see, she works at my local Starbucks. She makes a mean flat white. …The bad news — or the other good news — is that she recently hurt my feelings. You see, after my heart attack of a couple months ago, I scaled back my flat white drinking. When I first ordered a tall (that is, a small) instead of my usual venti (large), well, my Starbucks peeps thought there might be a tear in the universe. I explained that I wanted to cut down on my caffeine and milk intake post heart attack. Which immediately got them onboard with my change. … The other day when Lily was delivering my drink, she saw its size and questioned, ‘You’re already back to a venti?’ Ouch!” (06/07/24)