“He’s using tools that Donald Trump used”: How Joe Biden became a border hawk

Source: Semafor
by David Weigel

“The long and agonizing climb-down from their 2020 ambitions may be the defining story of the Biden-era Democratic Party. On border policy, the Emma Lazarus mindset of the Trump years has vanished; a president who once summoned his inner Irish poet when talking about asylum seekers has now ordered that migrants ‘detrimental to the interests of the United States’ can be kept out. … The promise to humanely welcome asylum seekers was always premised on a surge of resources necessary to process a historic number of arrivals at the Southern border — money and manpower the GOP has blocked. Democrats have not entirely flipped on immigration; the party still favors work status and legalization for noncitizens. But they now find themselves with little leverage to demand those policies in a trade with Republicans while the border weighs on Biden’s polls.” (06/07/24)