Report: Beyonce gave SCOTUS Justice Ketanji Brown Jackson concert tickets valued at nearly $4,000

Source: Newsweek

“Supreme Court Justice Ketanji Brown Jackson received concert tickets from Beyonce, according to her financial disclosure form. Beyonce provided Jackson with four concert tickets worth a total of $3,711.84, according to the form. The gift was among three she received in 2023 and was properly reported in her annual financial disclosure report. Supreme Court justices have faced increasing scrutiny over gifts in recent years, with a new report released Thursday finding that the justices raked in millions of dollars of gifts throughout the past two decades. Newly released financial disclosure forms revealed new information about gifts received by the U.S. Supreme Court justices. Jackson, the newest judge on the nation’s highest court, disclosed only three gifts. [editor’s note: So it’s not just Alito and Thomas, huh? – SAT] [editor’s note: If you think there’s no difference between a disclosed gift of four tickets to one’s own concert on one hand, and millions of dollars in undisclosed gifts from people with business before the court on the other, that thing you’re doing that you think is thinking isn’t – TLK] (06/08/24)